What Is Crowdflower And How Does It Work –|Rated No 1 Easy To Follow Guide

In today’s article, we are going to see what CrowdFlower (now known as Appen ) is, the crowdsourcing platform available on many of the pages we regularly work with. It is a guide that many people had asked me for and I have finally had time to do it. I hope it will help you and allow you to get the most out of this platform.

In the first place, I want to emphasize that at first, it is quite difficult to get the “calm” to this online work company. Without going any further, it has always been a bit difficult for me to understand its operation 100%, but like everything in life, it is a matter of practice and patience 😉

There are many people who earn considerable money thanks to CrowdFlower, that is, by dedicating time, being constant and working hard.

What is CrowdFlower, the leading crowdsourcing company

CrowdFlower (Figure Eight) is the leading company in the field of crowdsourcing services. First of all, this company is responsible for bringing together thousands of jobs offered by different websites, organizations and companies. Then, these jobs are divided into small tasks called “micro-jobs”.

In other words, the work of CrowdFlower is really that of a mediator between the companies and the users who will finally do the mini-jobs. These companies pay for certain tasks to be completed, and CrowdFlower is in charge of classifying them, establishing payment for each one and then distributing them among its associates.

Who are these associates? Well, pages like Neobux, ClixSense(ySense Now), Gift Hunter Club, Ayuwage, etc. come into play here. From here is where we can carry out all these types of mini-jobs that we will get paid instantly once finished 🙂  

Note: The money will always be added to the main balance where we have completed the task. For example: if we carry out a mini-job in ClixSense(ySense Now), it will be in the balance of this PTC where we will see the money reflected, not in the CrowdFlower account.

To summarise, we could say that the operation of this platform is as follows:

  1. A company needs to carry out different tasks, for which it contracts the services of CrowdFlower.
  2. CrowdFlower classifies all those tasks and mini-jobs and assigns them a value (it is usually always below 1 dollar). Once this is done, he distributes them among his associates.
  3. Associates offer these tasks on their web pages, usually in the “Tasks”, “Tasks”, “Mini Jobs”, “Mini Jobs” section, etc.
  4. The users of these pages, we carry out the tasks and earn money instantly 😀

Getting started with CrowdFlower tasks

All of the associated sites where we can carry out these tasks, the best in my opinion is Neobux ( here you can see its complete analysis ), since, for every dollar generated, we will receive a bonus of 12% if we have a standard account and 24% if we have a golden account.

To access the tasks, we will go to the «Offers» → «Mini Jobs» menu.

Once there, a drop-down will appear with all the jobs and tasks available. The different menus that we will see are the following:

  • Available Jobs: Jobs available for our level within CrowdFlower.
  • Potential Jobs: All the jobs that are available for levels higher than ours. As soon as we reach that level, we can also do them.
  • ID: Identification number of the job in question.
  • Job Title: Name of the mini-job.
  • Requirements: Level needed to complete the task.
  • Reward: Amount of money that we are going to earn by completing the mini-job.
  • Tasks: Number of tasks available for that mini-job.
  • Satisfaction: Degree of satisfaction on the part of the users who have previously carried out the mini-job.
  • Start Task: By clicking on the button we will start the mini-job.

In almost all the mini-jobs that we start, we will have to pass a kind of test, here called «Quiz Mode». This serves as the platform to evaluate if we are really qualified to carry out the task in question. As a general rule, we will have to get a certain number of questions right.

Registration on the CrowdFlower platform

To have access to all the tasks and mini-jobs on the associated pages, you need to register on the CrowdFlower platform (Figure Eight). Registration is completely free and takes just a minute to complete. You just have to enter an email address and a password. If we prefer, we can also register through Facebook. 

Once registered, we can access all our statistics, tasks performed, accuracy percentage, current level, etc. To access all this, we will click on our name at the top right and then click on «Dashboard».

Skill levels in CrowdFlower

To opt for the largest possible number of jobs, we will have to gradually increase our level. Any user who starts at level 0 potato 😛 The next levels are 1, 2 and 3. Obviously, the higher the level, the more tasks and the better paid.

How could it be otherwise, to level up we will have to meet a series of objectives. They are the following:


  • 100 homework questions answered.
  • 5 types of jobs done.
  • 70% minimum success.
  • Maximum of major “Flags” received = 4.
  • Maximum of minor “Flags” received = 2.
  • Maximum Received Admin Flags = 0.


  • 100 homework questions answered.
  • 10 types of jobs done.
  • 80% minimum success.
  • Maximum of major “Flags” received = 1.
  • Maximum of minor “Flags” received = 1.
  • Maximum Received Admin Flags = 0.


  • 100 homework questions answered.
  • 10 types of jobs done.
  • 85% minimum success.
  • The maximum number of major «Flags» received = 0.
  • The maximum number of minor «Flags» received = 0.
  • Maximum Received Admin Flags = 0.

Important Things To Note

Before starting to work on the platform, it is important to be clear about some aspects.

• Time to complete tasks: Although some tasks do not have a set time to complete them, most do. The time can vary, although it is usually half an hour. If after some time we have not completed it, the system will not validate our work. 

• Number of available tasks: When the number of jobs available to perform is very large (thousands), we will not have any problem performing them, but when few are marked (100 or less), most likely we will get the message «There is no work currently available on this task» (there is no work available for this task).

• Flags: The «flags», as they say in Spanish, are the negative marks that we receive when we have completed a job incorrectly. We must remember that the companies that order this work (CrowdFlower’s clients) can review our work at any time 😕 

Therefore, they can penalize us if they consider that the work does not comply with what was requested. Similarly, they can penalize us if we do not comply with the terms and conditions of the platform.

If we think we’ve been unfairly flagged, we can open a dispute for the CrowdFlower team to review 😉 

• Success rate: In order to continue performing tasks, it is necessary to have a minimum success rate of 70%.

Important: It is not allowed to carry out several tasks at the same time having different tabs open in our browser/s.

1.- It is very important to read the instructions carefully before doing any work. We must remember that at all times we are being “monitored” by an automatic system that is responsible for analyzing the work of all users.

2.- Do not send random answers quickly and running, since your accuracy percentage will drop significantly and they will not let you perform the tasks. Think carefully about the answers, don’t rush 😛 

3.- It is essential to have a lot of patience at the beginning because until at least the first level is reached, the tasks are usually very few, especially in certain countries. That is why when they are available, you have to focus as much as possible to complete them correctly.

4.- The number of jobs available depends exclusively on CrowdFlower, so don’t bother sending support or complaint emails to associated pages like Neobux, ClixSense, Gift Hunter Club, etc.

5.- Normally the money is received instantly when the work is finished, although sometimes it can be delayed from a few minutes to even a couple of days. Don’t worry, if you did everything right, you’ll get paid no problem.

6.- It is highly advisable to use the «bars» such as the «Modalert» from Neobux or the «ClixAddon» from ClixSense since they will notify you as soon as there are tasks or mini-jobs available 😉 

7.- If you don’t know English, don’t worry, that’s what online translators are for. Remember to follow the rules that are exposed in the terms and conditions of service, it would be a shame to get expelled for not having read them.

8.- Whenever they are available, it is interesting to complete the «Skill Test» in your CrowdFlower profile, since these will allow you to receive more tasks in the future.

9.- And finally, the most important aspect: You have to have PATIENCE! 😀 

And here’s today’s article friends. I hope it will help you to better understand this platform of mini online jobs from which many people are already making a lot of money.

If you found it useful, I would really appreciate it if you would share this article on social media. Greetings to all! 🙂 

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