How To Make Money With King Of Prizes – 9 Facts & Does It Really Work ?

King of Prizes is the new page created by Innovative Hall Media Technologies SL, a well-known Spanish company that owns sites like Gift Hunter Club, the best GPT of Spanish origin and that has given us so much joy in recent years. The operation of both has a reasonable resemblance although with some differences.

The most outstanding of all is the possibility of obtaining discounts and promotions in your favourite stores, or what is the same, a cashback system that will allow you to save a lot of money on your online purchases. The catalogue of prizes is impressive, highlighting above all the cards for Amazon and the money through PayPal.

How could it be otherwise, the website is completely free and available to users from all over the world. Do you want to know her more in-depth? 😀

What is King of Prizes?

King of Prizes is a GPT (Get Paid To) page that also incorporates a cashback system (money back). The first option allows you the possibility of getting points called Koins for performing a series of tasks and online mini-jobs.

Later, those points can be exchanged for a large number of prizes completely free of charge. As for the second option, it gives you the opportunity to get significant discounts on a multitude of products and opt for very interesting promotions. The main characteristics of the website are the following:

•   Activity: Online tasks, cashback system and contests.
•   Site management: Behind this project is Innovative Hall Media Technologies SL, a Spanish marketing and advertising company based in Bilbao (Spain). Its tax identification number is B95694956.
•   Koins: It is the virtual currency of the web and can be exchanged for real money and gifts. 500 Koins equals $1.

•   Withdrawals: They can be requested from 5,000 Koins ($10).

•   Prizes: PayPal, AirTM and more than 250 vouchers and gift cards.

•   Referrals: 1 unlimited level. You will earn 1,000 Koins ($2) when a referral reaches their first $4.

•   Language: Spanish and English.

•   Countries: Users from all over the world (over 16 years old) can register and participate on the web.

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Free Registration And First Steps

Registration on this platform is very fast and simple, it will not take you more than 30 seconds to do it. First of all, you must access its official website and indicate a name, an email and a password.

If you prefer, you can also log in even easier by linking your Facebook or Google account.

Immediately after doing this, you will receive a confirmation email to activate the account. You simply have to click on the attached link and you will have your account fully operational.

If when you enter you see that the page is in English, you can change the language simply by clicking on your name → «Languages» → «Available Languages».

To finish, I recommend that you go to “Settings” and fill in all your personal data, including your PayPal or AirTM account data to receive the prizes in dollars or euros 😉

How does King of Prizes work?

The web design is modern, simple and intuitive, so from the first moment, you will be able to navigate with great ease and discover all the ways to earn money without any difficulty.

The ideal is to start from the top menu Earn Koins, where you will find the following options to get your first points:

1.- Clicks

You simply have to visit and browse the different websites of the advertisers during the indicated time to earn the corresponding points. The duration is usually 30 seconds and the reward is 5 Koins.

2 offers

Up to 8 different offer walls where you can accumulate points through a multitude of tasks such as downloading apps, trying games, registering on other pages, etc.

3.- Surveys

The survey section is possibly the best option to earn points within the platform. To access it you must have indicated your gender and your age in the personal profile.

4.- Daily surveys

Several external panels offer you the possibility of earning points through surveys that you can repeat on a daily basis. Among all of them, the TheoremReach panel stands out, since you will always receive a reward even if they do not let you complete a survey 😉

5.- Tasks

Here you can earn points by completing tasks through Figure Eight, the most popular crowdsourcing platform in the world.

Referral System in King of Prizes

Another way to get Koins on this platform is through their referral system. You will find your invitation link in the menu “Referrals” → “My links”.

Best of all, this system is unlimited, so you can invite as many people as you want from all countries. When one of your referrals reaches their first 2,000 Koins ($4), you will automatically get 1,000 Koins ($2).

As if this were not enough, by inviting people you will enter directly to the monthly contest, thanks to which you will be able to get the following prizes:

1st3,500 Koins
2nd2,000 Koins
3rd1,000 Koins
4th500 Koins
5th100 Koins

Tokens, Raffles And Levels

Tokens are the secondary currency of the web. They are used to participating in raffles where you can get games and products (consoles, ebooks, etc.) at a much lower price than the market price.

To access these raffles you must level up, which is achieved by obtaining Koins.

What Prizes Are Available To Redeem?

One of the most surprising aspects of this new page is its catalogue of prizes. There is a huge variety, especially when it comes to vouchers and gift cards: Google Play, Nike, Zalando, Adidas, Blizzard, Ikea, Airbnb, Zara, PC Components, Best Buy, Burger King and many more (+250 ) 😮

Within this category, the possibility of obtaining cards for Amazon from just 5,550 points stands out. If you don’t like this type of prize and you prefer hard cash, you can opt for the option of receiving it through PayPal and even AirTM.

As in Gift Hunter Club and Rocket GPT, you have the possibility to charge both in euros and dollars, a very interesting feature that few pages allow. The most affordable prize is set at 5,000 Koins ($10).

But… Does King Of Prizes Pay?

If you have spent some time in this online business, you will know very well the trajectory of Innovate Hall, one of the most serious and reliable companies in this world. All the projects that have come out of his hands have always complied with the payments to their users.

The best example of all is Gift Hunter Club, a page that has been handing out prizes on an occasional basis since 2013. So there is no reason to doubt that this new platform will follow the same path.

Conclusion And Opinions About King Of Prizes

The new Innovate Hall project look very good and offers very interesting options to earn money reliably and safely. I have registered as soon as I found out about his departure and I hope to get a good performance out of it.

Although it is clear that the website does not stand out for its originality (it is one more GPT), the trust that the company that manages it transmits is an added bonus that is too important to ignore.

So, if you are looking for a serious and reliable site to earn money for free, I encourage you to take a look. I am sure you will like it. If you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment. Greetings! 🙂

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