100 + No Investment Ways To Make Money Online

Let’s talk about 100 + No Investment Ways To Make Money Online

Earn Money Online By Shortening URLs

Although it may seem like an impossible way to earn money online, shortening website URLs (your own, for example) will give you money. This is something that is often done very frequently on Twitter. Many shorteners will pay you to carry out this task, although charging is not as simple as it seems, because, in addition to shortening the address, you have to share it on your social networks, to get as many clicks as possible.

ClikErn – Highest Paying URL Shortener

ClikErn is a free online tool that allows users to create short links, which not only offers the convenience of link management and protection but also provides an opportunity to earn money from home. Users benefit from a 10% referral bonus by referring friends and earning a percentage of their earnings for life. The platform boasts a featured administration panel that enables easy control over its various functions.

Signup Bonus: ClikErn gives you $1 signup bonus which most competitors don’t.

Detailed statistics are provided to help users understand their audience and optimize their strategies for generating income. The minimum payout threshold is set at $5.000, and users can receive their earnings via PayPal. ClikErn offers competitive payout rates and an API for quickly shortening links and implementing creative ideas. The service includes dedicated customer support to assist users with any inquiries.

To earn money with ClikErn, users simply need to create an account, generate a short link, and share it. They earn money for every visit to the shared link, making the process straightforward and accessible.


Shorte.st is a tool to shorten links in addition to monetizing your website thanks to the links you share. Convert your links by adding an adlayer. Your visitors will see an ad before reaching a landing Website.


Linkbucks is another URL shortener that allows you to earn money every time a user clicks on a short link. Clicking on a link will take you to an advertising Website and within 5 seconds of displaying this Website, you will see a button that says ” skip this ad “. If you press it, it takes you to the destination web Website.

Earn Money By Creating & Monetizing A Blog

If you have a blog (if you don’t, I have a perfect guide for you to create a successful one ), on more than one occasion you will have asked yourself questions like, Can I make money with my blog? How can I  generate extra income if I write about a specific topic? Will my blog interest brands, will I be able to find advertisers? And if so, where, how, and for how much? If this is your situation, I present several services that put blogs in contact with sponsors so that you can make your blog profitable.

Many bloggers interested in making money with their blog, just limit themselves to monetizing their blog with Google AdSense or perhaps with an affiliate program. That does not mean that it is wrong, but other platforms can make it easier for you to start generating income with your blog. The business is clear, as a blogger you put your content, and as an advertiser, you buy the blog in which you want to advertise and the intermediary takes a percentage.

The first thing you have to do is sign up. from that moment on, these services generate a file with your blog that will serve as a guide for advertisers, since it is clear that the price of the banner or the mention on social networks will depend on the impact you can have on the audience.


Coobis is a platform that is responsible for connecting advertisers and publishers to give visibility to different brands through content marketing. It has three different options from which both parties can benefit. In the first case, the user can create content for the brands, so that they can use it on their website. Secondly, it is the media that, through campaign launches, publish content related to the advertiser brand. Lastly, influencers are allowed to carry out actions on their social networks to promote a brand.



At Publisuites you have at your disposal everything you need to carry out a properly optimized content marketing strategy. It brings together those who want to include advertising space on their website or blog and those who want to promote their brand, website, products, or services in those spaces. With Publisuites you can improve your relationships between brands with influencers, copywriters, and exclusive media through a single medium. In any case, both parties benefit, either by giving up the space or by the repercussion generated by being present in said space. With Publisuites, any brand can be present in all media.


Seeding Up is responsible for providing services reliably and effectively for the dissemination of professional content. This dissemination can occur in blogs, online media, websites, YouTube channels, and social networks. Seeding Up’s independent editors and opinion leaders are responsible for disseminating content about the products or services of the brands in the different media mentioned above. With this, the increase in brand awareness, image, scope, traffic, and many other SEO factors that affect the positioning and visibility of a brand are taken advantage of.


Earn Money Online Playing Games

Every day there are more ways to earn money on the Internet and you have to take advantage of them. One of the ways that I like the most is the Websites that allow me to win prizes, gifts, and money for playing free games. These sites usually allow you to play a few limited games per day, with which you get points that you can then exchange for different prizes or money.

Many of the people who register, then want to have more games to play, and at any time they can buy chips or credits to continue playing, and that is where these types of sites make money. I only play the free games that they offer me daily, to gradually increase my balance and, with patience, get money gifts (which are normally paid through Paypal).



Banatic is an online game that can be requested for $5. The payment methods are PayPal, Amazon cards, Steam keys, games, peripherals, digital keys, money by PaySafeCard, and many more. It has an unlimited level in which if you reach 10% of bananas obtained, for three hundred days you can reach 25 bananas for each active referral. It is available in both Spanish and English. You can get money through ten different tasks, from game tasks to bananapedia.


Bigtime is an application developed for thousands of users and money can be requested starting at $10. There is an unlimited level of 2,500 tickets and by inviting your friends you can earn up to $0.10. This application is available in both the App Store and the Google Store, and you can receive the payment through the PayPal l method. You can use the tickets you win in two ways: Use them for the raffle by doing it within 48 hours or exchange it for real money that is equivalent to $0.10.


Goaltycon belongs to a company of Romanian origin in which you can request payment from $20. The available payment methods are Skrill, Neteller, Bitcoin, Ethereum, and bank transfer. Referrals are unlimited level, that is, 10% of the earnings generated through different game modes. Several languages ​​are available, so any user from anywhere in the world can register without any restrictions. The refund period is between 7 and 10 days, although sometimes it can take up to four weeks.



MarketGlory is an online game that has very positive reviews on the Internet. The game is now about five years old with thousands of registered users, and there has never been any problem with the charges. To request the first payment you have to collect up to $20, and you can receive it through Neteller or bank transfer. In the game there is only one level, therefore, you can earn up to 20% commission depending on various factors such as the energy accumulated at that time.

Monopoly Casino

Monopoly Casino offers you a welcome bonus of $200 on your first deposit, with a maximum deposit of $100. This gambling game requires that you must bet 40 times the amount of the bonus received before you can request a withdrawal and be able to collect the winnings obtained. You must bear in mind that the bonus expires after thirty days and the total or partial amount that remains will be withdrawn within thirty days from the date it was paid. For example, in Slots games, you can win up to $10, while in Live Casino and Roulette games between $2.5 and $5.



Scratchmania is an online game in which you will have a magnificent $7 as a welcome. Likewise, you can also be awarded an exclusive bonus of 125%, on your first deposit, being able to win up to $200. To claim this bonus, you must enter “Rock125″On the other hand, if you make your first deposit through Skrill, Paysafecard, or iDeal you will receive an extra 15% bonus. To withdraw bonus winnings, you can wager a minimum of 30 times the bonus amount.

Earn Money By Doing Surveys.

Earning money by taking surveys is one of the most common ways to earn quick money online. It is not that you are going to get rich all of a sudden, but you will be able to get some money that will make your life a lot easier. In addition, in this type of website, it is quite common for them to have a referral system (or affiliates), so if you affiliate other people from your account and both you and the other people take it seriously, your earnings will go growing up.

Many Websites are dedicated to market research, or what is the same, where manufacturers pay consumers to know their opinion. Some companies need to know the opinion of consumers about certain products and services and, for this, they usually hire companies that are dedicated to market research. That’s where you would come in. You would “work” for those companies giving your opinion. The job is to conduct surveys online and get paid for it 

Survey Monkey

Survey Monkey is the world leader in creating surveys. With this tool, you will be able to discover what your employees think about the company. In addition, you will discover what is working and what is not in your employees. Likewise, you will be able to measure their satisfaction, send compliance tests and carry out 360° evaluations. On the other hand, you will have the opportunity to talk to those people who interest you, discovering what your target audience is thinking. Market research surveys are going to make it much easier to get those insights from your current and potential customers that you want to know so much, measuring their brand awareness, testing some concepts, and much more.

Google Forms

Google Forms is a tool with which you will be able to organize and collect any type of information thanks to the forms that Google has available for free. You will get answers much faster, managing the activities you have to do and creating quick surveys. These surveys will be in your style, using your logo or photo. For the form you are going to choose the colors that make you bigger, making it unique for your clients, while you are selecting different themes so that you can establish its background. You will also have a series of options for the questions, either in a multiple-choice format, dropdown options, or linear scales. It allows you to add images and videos from Youtube to make a better experience. Forms are very easy to create, edit and respond to, whether on small or large screens.


Survicate is a customer experience platform. They are very basic survey tools for complex enterprise platforms. You will be able to conduct surveys in just minutes, choosing the template that you like the most among more than 125, while you change its font, colors, and design. In addition, it has 15 types of questions, so you can carry out intelligent surveys, along with personalized actions. On the other hand, you will be able to distribute the surveys, carrying them out through links, email, web, and mobile. These surveys can be sent integrated into an email, they can also be shared on social networks, and blogs, among others. Your results can be seen in real-time, tracking the user experience throughout the journey. And best of all, you will receive automated reports in your inbox.


From Encueston, you can access online surveys and other market studies from your profile, see the accumulated money and thus be able to store it in your account. Once you sign up, you can receive new surveys, search for completed surveys, check your jackpot and find out how much money you’ve won. You can answer their surveys whenever you want since they are easy to register and you can earn and redeem your money through PayPal. Another detail that may catch your attention is that Encueston gives you the option of collaborating with NGOs.


Hiving is an online survey tool that offers you great benefits such as paid online surveys, reviews of big brands, free trial products, inviting your friends (thus increasing your income), and lastly, participating in lotteries. Your reward can be translated into Pay Pal or Amazon gift vouchers. Another option is that if you accumulate a series of earned points, you can transfer them in the form of charitable work, thus supporting a humanitarian organization.

I Say

I-Say is one of the most reliable tools as its reward methods can be of great use to you. Among its routes, several possibilities stand out such as a Gift card from the English Court with a value of ten euros, donations to dogs and cats through the offer of two hundred points, or a two hundred point aid fund to investigate the coronavirus. Many of their surveys talk about lifestyle and current affairs, adapting to your tastes. You will receive between 4-5 monthly surveys reporting between 100 and 250 points, being very easy to complete.


Lifepoints is dedicated to conducting paid surveys in addition to being one of the most experienced in the market. This portal offers you the possibility of exchanging points for money or cards from Amazon. This Website is only available for members from Spain and the United States. By joining now, you can receive ten points as a welcome.


Myiyo is present in a large number of countries that cover continents such as Europe, America, and southern Africa. These surveys have been present for more than ten years and are based in Germany. His project consists, in which the more surveys you carry out, you get a series of points. Participating in them is free, and you receive payment once a value of twenty euros is collected through PayPal. You can earn points in several ways: Successful participation in available surveys, completing one hundred percent of your profile (500 points), email confirmation, and recruiting new members.



MobRog is characterized by being one of the best online surveys since it conducts surveys worldwide through the Internet and its app for mobile phones. They have an online panel, characterized by being an integrated network, being able to carry out extensive high-quality surveys in which the participants, as a thank you, can receive their payment through PayPal. Registration is very easy, plus you have the option to choose which surveys match your interests.



MySurvey is like most survey Websites. You must check your email once or twice a day to check your results. They send 4 surveys a week and you can do it from anywhere. It has an application available for mobiles. An important fact is that this type of survey is essentially aimed at working people, therefore your income will be higher. For each survey, you will be rewarded with points that you can redeem via PayPal, iTunes, Ikea, Amazon, etc. money cards.


Surveyeah is one of the most reliable online tools. You can redeem your check through Amazon or cash. It is available in a large number of countries with a 24-hour service that is attentive in the event of any incident. You can redeem this credit through different methods such as PayPal, WesterUnion, Skrill, or MoneyGram, or by receiving an Amazon gift voucher. These types of surveys are sent by Spanish companies or other types of international groups. Together with the Surveyeah group, you will have the ability to determine what type of products can be sold in your country.



Swagbucks, it’s really easy. It is one of the safest sites and has over twenty million active members with thousands of opportunities every day. One of its advantages is that it is not limited to a specific topic, but rather has a variety of topics to adapt to your profile, including some such as Marketing effectiveness surveys, Brand recognition surveys, surveys about services, and product surveys. If you are a motivated person and want to do surveys, you can earn up to one hundred euros per month. 

Depending on the reward you are requesting, your money may arrive as late as five or six business days through PayPal, a prepaid card, gift card, etc.

Earn Money Online By Clicking On Ads

Some Websites allow you to earn money by clicking on advertisements, it’s that simple. These Websites will show you banners or text ads that you will have to click on, and for this, they pay you a certain amount of money, whether it is the click you make on the advertisement or for staying a few seconds on the website to which you are redirected.

The amount of money that these companies usually pay is usually between 0.01 and 0.02 dollars, which may not seem like much, but when you are registered on many of these Websites at the same time and you get referrals, the earnings increase exponentially. In addition, the average time that it usually takes for a person to stay on the website to which they have been directed when clicking on the advertisement is usually  30 seconds. You will probably not become a millionaire, but it is a simple alternative to have an extra income that allows you to cover some expenses.

The good thing about this type of service, known as  PTC, is that you won’t have to invest a single euro and you can start earning money from the first moment for free and without needing any special knowledge.



Ayuwage is a Website that is in English, however, it is easy to earn money. If you invite friends, you can earn up to 10% of what they earn as guests. You must be careful, because there are some ads that you should not click, even if they appear in the list. You must be careful if you do not want it to be a fraudulent click. The available Websites are updated every few minutes, so you will not be short of opportunities to earn money by viewing advertising. The minimum payment you can request is $5 through PayPal.


Beruby is available both in Spain and in Latin America. The “offers” section of this website has different options to earn money, including Visiting websites, registering on some websites, and watching videos. Apart from this, you can invite friends and earn 50% of what your invitees generate. In the case of Spain, to request payment, you can do it from PayPal as soon as you have $1 accumulated or if it is a bank account it is from $5. For residents outside of Spain, it is from $1.



BuxVertise has been available since 2014, as it adds different payment methods and is valid globally. The payment processor is through Pay-Pal and Payza, among others. There are several ways to earn money through BuxVertise. These are ViewAds, Wheel of Bux, DailyRaffle, IconCrash, and BuxGrid . You can be a free user or with a membership, depending on the different options you earn more or less money.



ClixSense is a free platform that not only makes money by watching ads, but also by watching videos, registering for Websites and contests, making purchases, and filling out surveys. The only drawback of this Website is that it is in English. You can get bonuses in a very simple way, in which through different tasks you can earn from $5 to $50.


EasyHits4u is a Website that can help you earn the money you need. For every visit you make, you will receive a new visitor to your link. There is no limit to visits you can receive during the day, 10, 100, or even 1000. It is one of the most powerful Marketing programs with almost two million members. By having such a large connection network, you can be in contact with thousands and thousands of people, receiving 10% of the visits they earn with your direct referrals.



With FanSlave, you will earn money by watching ads (it is done in a section called “Traffic”) as well as being able to become a fan through social networks such as Facebook and Twitter, from different accounts, as well as sharing posts on Google+ and watching YouTube videos during thirty seconds. You can access the Website in different languages. The minimum payment is 15 euros but you can also register even if you are not from Europe, through PayPal.



GetPaid has been doing it for a few years and has become one of the most stable GPT businesses on the Internet. One of the great advantages of GetPaid is a minimum payment of $0.50. They are fast payments and do not usually take long, it has diversity when choosing a prize with an extensive range through a wide assortment of offers, videos, surveys, clicks, etc. There are also great raffles through social networks, with extra points on the web and social networks.

Gift Hunter Club

Gift Hunter Club is a website and from now on also a mobile app where you can get lots of gifts or earn money. You can accumulate points by watching ads, testing apps, filling out surveys and offers, and redeeming them for the gifts you like: fashion stores, games, electronics, music, and other gift cards and prizes. You can also earn money and collect it through PayPal or Payza. It has been available for more than seven years and more than $50,000 distributed.


Neoxbux is another Website that has been on the market for years and with which the minimum payment is $2 The Website can be translated into Spanish, even though we see many ads in English, as well as being able to access it from anywhere in the world. It is important that you know, a small detail that you would like to know before embarking with this application, and that is, that you cannot carry out any activity before 72 hours of your registration, because they will cancel your account. You can only have one account per computer and the user 



SubastaPTC, is a PTC of the PTC Evolution Script, which has the particularity that it is Spanish-speaking, it is a site that has a Spanish administration. Another novelty that SubastaPTC has is that it pays in Euros ($) through PayPal. The minimum is $3 and you pay instantly by PayPal.

All this is through a model called: Completing Tasks and Paying for Records (PTSU).

Earn Money Online By Reading Emails

Another option to earn quick money on the internet is the Websites that pay you to open advertising emails. These Websites or platforms are completely free and you start earning money from the first moment, yes, you have to be patient because it adds up very little by little. Each one has a minimum amount of money to collect (normally $50), and when you arrive, you can request payment by Paypal or bank transfer.


With my permission, as I mentioned previously, it also offers you the possibility of being able to earn money by reading emails. The valuations are very good and you earn up to 50% of the earnings for referrals. In addition, ConsuPermiso pays you $1 directly for each referral (the first 1 and if they have their accounts activated). The minimum to request payment is $10. You can earn them through methods such as PayPal and bank transfers. A fact that may interest you is that you can donate that money to an NGO.


DonkeyMonkey is an online Website that has been available since 2005 and that you can receive through platforms such as Payeer, Perfect Money, SolidTrustPay, and Bitcoin. You can request payment for as little as $1, so it’s a very affordable minimum. Among its advantages, I would highlight that the Website is completely free and is available to thousands of users around the world.


ClicksGenie is characterized by being another of the applications in which they pay you to read emails. It is in English, however, the Website is very intuitive, in which the chosen payment method is Payeer. Normally, you have to visit your mailbox frequently, since three to four emails arrive a day, having a value of $0.001. In addition, it has five levels of referrals, so you can get the most out of the system.

Earn Money Online With Your Social Profiles


Getfluence is a portal that offers new possibilities for content writing. It offers in a very simple and effective way the possibility of buying and selling text links, in which for each link that is sold, a fixed monthly amount is earned, which is independent of the number of Website views or the percentage of visitors who click on those links. Anyone can become part of this community, where you write, sell a text link, and get paid. It is very easy and fast. The person who sells the link usually has great knowledge in the area in which he writes, so it does not take much effort. In the case of those who buy the link, he receives quality content, since it is information written by a reference author that matters.

Earn Money Online With Your Online Purchases

Cashback (money back) is a promotional method of internet sales, where in addition to finding great discounts on interesting items, you can earn commissions from companies that share their advertising profits. There are online sales sites that do not advertise them, so they pay commissions to buyers to talk about them, some even distributing up to 95% of their income. In addition to paying for the purchases you make, you’ll be able to charge for those made by your friends, which makes things much more interesting.


Aklamio is a Website where you can get money for Cashback and to recommend products by affiliation. In addition to obtaining discounts of $100. It is available in several languages, and the minimum payment is $1. Payment methods are via Pay Pal or bank transfer, and you can have up to 1 referral. Commission payment is 10%. This affiliation portal acts as an intermediary to be able to balance the commissions since it is very similar to the Beruby website. There are several ways to earn money, such as recommending stores, saving on cashback, etc.


With Beruby, you can earn money every time you purchase on Aliexpress. You can buy smartphones, videos, entertainment, gadgets, electronics, etc. and you get a part of the purchase amount back, plus registration is free. You can receive the money through your bank account since there are more than 800 available stores.

Cashback Deals

Cashback Deals is a platform that helps you get cashback money by getting deals and collaborating with companies like El Corte Inglés. You can fill out surveys, comment, talk about your experience, etc. You can earn up to $0.10 by performing these small actions, payment is only possible when your CashbackDeals account balance is greater than or equal to 25 CashCoins. Only “approved” purchases are included in the total balance.


Mudet is a platform that can help you earn cashback, where you can do daily tasks. It is limited to three levels of generations and the unlimited width of each member of your registered team. It has neither investment nor quotas and is present in 118 countries. For viewing advertising, you can earn $0.01 and 10% per referral you invite. For the visit, you can earn $0.05 and the payment for viewing emails is made immediately, although sometimes it can take up to 3 days to become effective after carrying out the actions.


MyG21 offers you the possibility of saving with associated advertisers such as Jazztel, Vodafone, másmóvil, etc., and on the other hand, earn money with your referral system. You can have a payment percentage with a minimum of 20% in which the minimum of 50Gpoints would be $1. Most of the offers are for Spain and Italy, and if you register your banner you can start with $0.40. In addition, it has an extensive referral system.


Swagbucks is another way to earn money and is the option for many renowned companies such as BuzzFeed or ABC. It has very positive reviews and you get gift cards and cash for everyday things. Earn points and you can get a free card from Amazon and Walmart, and all through PayPal. They have paid members more than $450.

Earn Money Online Working As A Freelance

Working as a freelance, either from home or from an office, has become a very interesting option for many since the internet boom. There are many advantages that this entails, not only for the individual himself but also for companies, which see their operating costs reduced, since they do not have to “pay for a chair” for a person who can work from home. This option, that of work from home offers, continues to gain popularity and many take advantage of it for job search.

It is what has always been called teleworking, although with the crisis and anglicisms it is now called “ freelance job offers ”. In short, a self-employment model in which the user assumes certain professional tasks (generally framed within a specific period or volume of work), for which they receive remuneration agreed upon in advance upon completion of the work.  or according to the agreement reached in the negotiation of the contract.

These are jobs that do not offer a contract model (such as the one that a job can offer), so issues such as social security and the expenses that the work generates are borne by the worker, who adopts for all purposes the figure of the self -employed worker.

I have not mentioned technology, the great promoter of this entire market. Without technology, there would be no freelance work as we know it today (it is a technology that has driven demand and created a market that is getting bigger and bigger every year).

That is why numerous Websites and platforms have appeared on the net dedicated precisely to freelancing. On these Websites, you will find a double path, since, on the one hand, you will see freelance job offers and, on the other, the professional profiles of those who wish to register in search of this type of work. These best international sites to work as a freelance :

An issue to take into account in the operation of these websites and platforms is that in their employment or job offers, regardless of the choice of a premium or free account, they all take a commission on the final amount received (every time do freelance work ). In addition, it is important to know that these websites have many job offers in English.


Freelancer is another giant of the freelance job offer. It is a Website that has more than 4 million users and a very high volume of freelance job offers. We are not going to find big differences with other Websites or platforms beyond the subscription payment system, which is very open in terms of possibilities, also contemplating the possibility of free access.


Upwork, formerly known as Odesk, is a reference Website for finding a job. The types of jobs you can find are the most varied. Registration is free, although there are different types of memberships: one free and one paid. You choose the one you prefer and you will not pay any commission for the work done: the employer will. There are several methods to withdraw your money: bank transfer, Payoneer, Skrill, or PayPal.


Toptal is one of the most popular and used freelancing Websites. It connects its clients with a network of developers and designers who want to find freelance work in more than 90 countries. The service makes a rigorous selection of the applicants it offers and the offers: only 3% of the applications are accepted in this network. This system offers customer service capable of finding the right applicant for each project.

Earn Money Online Selling Photos And Videos

If you enjoy taking photos and have a talent for it, you can find many Websites and platforms where you can sell your images. Earning money selling photos on the Internet is a business that is becoming more and more popular due to the many possibilities that the Internet offers. Whether you are a photography professional or a simple amateur, this section may interest you.

The idea is that every time someone downloads one of the images that you have uploaded, you will receive a commission, and the great advantage of this is that you can sell the same photo infinite times. This makes it quite a lucrative business, and the potential for making money is huge. Imagine, for example, that you have 50 good photos, and that you add more from time to time. In that case, you could have a good source of income, which you can use independently, or combine with other methods to earn money online. Good business, right?

It is important that you sift through your material and know “where the shots are going” in terms of tastes and types of photos most demanded by users, companies, and agencies. And it is not only about uploading photos without rhyme or reason but about forming a good catalog focused on what has more possibilities of being successful and therefore of being sold. I leave you the ones that, for me (and for Google), are the most sought-after topics of the moment.

  • Nature and flowers:  These types of photographs are among the most sought after, where originality prevails, above all, since there are millions of photos of this theme
  • People:  A classic, since photographs of people (both in groups and alone) are always in high demand
  • Festivals:  Images related to any type of celebration are always interesting (Christmas, fallas, San Fermín, religious events, etc.)
  • Tattoos:  The boom of the moment, since it seems that tattooing anything on the skin has become an obligation (Whether you like it or not, it is another great option when it comes to focusing your portfolio)


123f is a digital content file since it has a wide variety of images. The payment you can receive if you collaborate with them is a 50% commission, as long as it is an image made by you, but if you make a subscription you can get up to $0.36. The different payment options they offer are PayPal, Moneybookers, and payment by savings check. The interface is entirely in Spanish, but everything you write to describe images must be in English.

Adobe Stock

Adobe Stock is an image portal that finds the perfect stock content for your creative project. It is one of the best portals in terms of images, due to its high resolution. After 14 years in operation, Fotolia transferred its activity to Adobe Stock to offer better service and quality. Every time someone buys your content, you receive a commission of 35% of the price you have agreed to. When you reach the amount of $25, you can request it by two methods: PayPal and Skrill.


Alamy is a great platform that has 220 million images, vectors, videos, etc. You do not have to make any subscription without the need to register. Prices start at $9.99, and it is divided into several categories. Normally they bet on quality images, but nowadays you can also send your images made with your mobile.


Bigstock is a platform to sell images and thus grow your portfolio. The payment is from $0.50 to $1 for each regular download, this remuneration can increase up to $60 for each image to be downloaded with an Extended License. Like most other agencies, their payment methods are PayPal, MoneyBrooks, and check. Another advantage it has is that it is not only in JPG or RAW format. It has very good ratings, and the processes are simple and intuitive.


CanStockPhoto is a photobank created in 2004. Since its inception, the company’s goal has been to offer excellent quality content. It has a catalog, divided into 22 categories. You simply choose the image you like, pay for it, and download it, there are a series of prices that vary depending on the size. The small image is $2 while the extra-large one is $5. The subscription plan can be one week, one month, six months, and one year. If you are dissatisfied, they give you your money back.


Depositphotos is another stock image service in which you register and thus create your user account, upload photos, and thus earn money. Before you begin, you must pass a test before publishing your images, vector designs, or videos. Earnings depend on your contributor level, a scale that is set according to the number of downloads you generate. The demand is between 30% and 42% and you can earn around 30 to 35 cents on the dollar for the posts you make.


With Dreamstime, you can earn money through a generalized category. Once reached, the minimum amount is $100 and can be requested from the control panel of the administration Website. The payment will be sent, as the photographer chooses, by check, through PayPal or MoneyBookers, and the requirements to receive this payment are that the size of the photos is JPG and RBG with a minimum size of 3 Megapixels. Registration is completely free, and it has large clients such as HP, Ikea, and McCann Erikson.


Ingimage is another photography portal that has several plans so you can get money. It can be $230 per year, with ten downloads per month. Another plan is $380 for fifty downloads per month, and finally, for five hundred downloads per month, it is $719. You have full access to their entire photo portal, and the download can be any size. Downloads that are not cumulative have a maximum of 3 times. It has a free license for print content, web, and social networks.


IStock is an image subscription platform, where you can find a wide variety of royalty images, illustrations, etc. You can connect with large consumers and receive amounts of money. You can win $24 for three credits and 60 credits for $280. Over 16,000 artists are using it and it has more than a multitude of apps and plugins in your workflow. In this image bank, you can find categories such as infographics, white backgrounds, or templates.


ShutterStock is a portal that has thousands of images so that you, as a client, can use them, or put them up for “sale”. Its system consists in that you can join and have a monthly or annual subscription. You have access to 750 downloads per month, and you can earn between 15% and 40% on all six levels and you can “graduate” based on what you download. The faster they get material from you, the faster you will advance in level and thus your license will increase.


Snapwire is an online platform that connects thousands of photographers around the world. If you are inside the platform, you not only sell images, but you also can accept works that clients send you or use your images as a normal showcase. Depending on what you have chosen, the money you can win is summarized in the profits that that person and you take. In the first case, you can earn 70% of the profits, while in the second case, 50%. Also, you can keep the copyright.

Earn Money Online Organizing Lunches & Dinners

If you know how to cook, you should know that there are also people who don’t feel like eating at home but have gotten bored of restaurants. For this reason, it would only be necessary for you to know how to prepare delicious meals and to be friendly so that you can organize your gastronomic days in your own home.


BonAppetour is a platform where you, as a host, can offer your home to offer a gastronomic experience to your guests from other places in the world. This platform is available in Spanish, English, and Italian and has support from 50 cities in 25 countries. Although it is in Spanish, this platform is not yet present in Spain. According to references from countries located in Europe, you can earn an average of $35.


Eatwith is another gastronomy platform that is available in more than 130 countries, in addition to analyzing you and bringing you closer to gastronomic experiences near your national area. It was founded in 2012, and its objective is to bring you closer to a culinary experience in the different places in your country. There is no specific price, but for example, in Spain, the price ranges from $30 to $60.

Earn Money Online By Downloading & Testing Apps

Another way you can earn money online is by downloading and testing applications on your Smartphone. It goes so far that there are apps that pay you to try other apps. The great advantage of this way of earning money is that you are not obliged to keep the applications you download, but you only need to download them, open them, wait a minute and your earnings will appear. As soon as the earnings appear, you can already delete those applications. This is not something that will make you rich, but you can combine it with other ways to earn money online.


AppKarma is an application that is available for iPhone and Android, and its objective is that you can test applications and, in return, receive money via PayPal or through a gift card. It is accepted in all countries of the world, and you can receive $10 for every 12,500 points. To start, you can receive bonuses in the form of points, for example, the welcome bonus can be 5 points, and enter the promotion code up to 300 points. You also have the VIP section, in which you will earn 30% of your earnings per recommendation and each person you invite can earn an average of 400 points.


GiftHunterClub is an application that offers the possibility of earning money through applications or other possibilities. The app allows you to earn money through PayPal or Payza, the only drawback is that it is available on Android. They have distributed more than $416,000. While there are a variety of brands that use this tool like PayPal, Amazon, Xbox Live, etc.

Earn Money Online By Giving Your Opinion

Many companies are willing to reward you for testing and reviewing their products or services. Some will send you their products for free in exchange for a review (a product that you can then sell on the internet) and others will pay you directly in cash for them. Some platforms will ask you to post your reviews on different social networks. This is another way to earn money on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter.


Influenster is a platform that allows you to test products and give an opinion about them. The Website is completely in English, and complete what you think through opinions or comments. You must be aware of your email, and work with dates of more or less 3 days to complete the test. You must bear in mind that the Website is completely in English in addition to the opinions. Regarding the issue of payments, you must take into account that you receive about $5, which would be $10.

Pinecone Research

Pinecone Research has a great reputation on the website where you pay $3 for every free sample they send out. Many of the products found on this Website have not yet been released on the market, so you can be the first to try them. You can become an influencer quickly. In addition to being able to test products, you can carry out surveys and influence people with the opinion you have about what they offer you.


Toluna is an application that, in addition to conducting online surveys, is also used to make opinions about products. It has various forms of payment, including Amazon gift cards and payments through PayPal, depending on the region in which we are. This Website is available in Spain and some Latin American countries. This application is used by large renowned brands to provide a better service to consumers. You can receive 500 welcome points and invite friends.

Earn Money Online Selling Your Online Courses

Creating and selling your online course is becoming a very effective method of making quick money online. You don’t need to develop a complete course of hundreds of hours that would take you days,  just make it short, but with the basic concepts that people need to learn. You can do it in a  PowerPoint document to be summarized or, better yet,  record a video explaining your lessons.

The theme of the course should be about what you like the most of what you control the most. Do you speak basic conversational English very well? Do you know how to overcome shyness? Then there are the typical (not inconsiderable) guitar classes to start getting familiar with this instrument, organization techniques for work, home or children,  whatever you want!

Before you start taking your course, you must be sure that there will be people who will be willing to buy it. Then, you must promote it to attract customers and make them willing to buy what you offer them.

  • Make a quick  online comparison of what other courses similar to yours cost
  • Set  an intermediate price for the courses you have compared
  • If you can, write a short text outlining the characteristics of your course and a link to it, and get a blog on the subject to publish as a guest post to reach a larger audience.
  • Share  the link to your course  in forums  on that subject, blogs, and by email with your friends so that they can pass it on to their acquaintances who want to learn about it


With Hotmart you can create your digital products, manage your results and grow together with your digital business. Hotmart is a distance education platform (EAD) with the best structure for digital course producers and students. Its operation is very simple, just think about your knowledge and create your product.


Udemy is one of the world’s largest online learning stores. With this platform you can expand your professional network, teaching students from all over the world in aspects such as business, marketing, photography, etc. On Udemy, publish the course you want, however you want, and always be in control of your content.


Tutellus is the largest collaborative learning platform in the Hispanic world. With thousands of video courses and millions of students to whom you can show your knowledge. You record it, upload it and start earning money, it’s that easy to create your course. In addition, you can also share courses from others with affiliate marketing.

Earn Money Online Selling E-books

If you are good at writing, you are creative and you master a specific topic, perhaps you should consider the idea of ​​writing an ebook. To write an electronic book you will not need anything special, since you will not have to look for a publisher or anyone interested in publishing your book.

This is one of the most complicated jobs, but if you manage to create an e-book that helps other people and advertise it correctly, your profits can be very high. You must develop an original product that interests many people. When you have achieved it, it will be time to publicize it.

Your benefits will depend on the quality of the content of your book, how interesting it is and, above all, the publicity you can give it. For someone to be interested in your product, they need to know that it exists, so you will have to promote it as much as you can. If you want to make money, you can’t just focus on the free type of advertising, you will have to invest in paid advertising as well. Without a doubt, this is a comfortable and lucrative way to earn money online.

Amazon KDP

Put your eBook up for sale on the Kindle Store. Digital publishing is fast and your book will sell on Kindle worldwide. Earn up to 70% of royalties on sales to customers in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Germany, India, France, Italy, Spain, Japan, Brazil, Mexico, Australia, and other countries. Enroll in KDP Select and earn more money with the Kindle Lending Library.


Bubok is an independent publisher that provides any author with the necessary tools and services to edit their works, publish them and sell them in more than seven countries, both digital and physical (paper) formats, with runs starting from a single copy. With bubokwriter.com you have at your disposal everything you need to publish your work.


Smashwords is a distributor of digital books. They have a service through which you can upload your works in Word format and they transform them into a lot of formats. They are responsible for distributing them to online bookstores with which they have an agreement. They have the following retailers: iBooks, Kobo, and even more than 20 distributors around the world. Their website is only in English.

Earn Money Online Selling Websites

Have you ever wondered if you could make money selling websites? Before answering these questions, it should be noted that it is not necessary to be a web expert, just have a little imagination, analytical skills, research, and some time.

When it comes to selling the website, whether it is a web Website, blog, or online store, it is normal to do it according to the statistics of 1 year, which will be the data that potential buyers ask you for. So you can choose to sell it quickly and earn money quickly or wait and be able to earn more and therefore invest more time.

Empire Flippers

Empire Flippers is another platform that allows you to sell your content to users. The Website is in English, and you can make very valuable offers, since the vast majority are from $3 a month to $100, obtaining a very significant figure at the end of the year with the sale of your digital creations. This Website has won thousands of awards since 2016, with major international awards that have accompanied it throughout its career.


Flippa is one of the number one marketplaces for buying and selling businesses online. Thanks to this platform, you can buy businesses online, be an entrepreneur and invest in the digital marketing business. The quotes are usually very dynamic and you can get hundreds of offers quickly and adapt a price for you and the client. Depending on the company you are interested in, there are several categories such as e-commerce, advertising content, applications, or services.

We Sell Your Site

WeSellYourSite is a platform that started as a simple tool in 2004. It is one of the most professional Websites, and they offer you several plans to be able to sell your website at a multitude of prices. One of the most recent sales has been around $3,000,000 and has had great references from companies like Forbes, HubSpot, etc. They are mainly based on, businesses that earn one hundred thousand dollars to five million dollars of profits per year.

Earn Money Online By Investing In Stock Market

Investing in the stock market can be a very lucrative business. The chances of winning money increase a lot, but it is as easy to win as it is to lose. My advice is that you should not invest more money than you can afford to lose. On these Websites, you can get returns of up to 80%. My recommendation is that you start with these Websites in test mode. That is, use demo or virtual accounts so that you become familiar with the terms and different products. Once you gain experience and knowledge, invest real money.


Degiro is the best stock and customer contact, broker. Currently, there are more than 600,000 investors who are within this Website. It has been operating since 2008 and is based in Amsterdam. Degiro is characterized by saving 72% compared to other competitors. The cost per order is $2.06 and it has an annual cost of $0. Degiro has won more than 65 international prices with a very intuitive platform to know how to use, reaching really low commission rates between $0.50 and $4.


EToro is an application that helps you invest in the stock market without having to pay commissions. It is a very large investment network, in which you will not have any additional charges. Depending on the country you live in, you can save 0.5% in the UK, 1% in Ireland, 0.3% in France, and 0.1% in Italy. Once you get started, registration is really easy as it can be as little as $200, from there you choose your favorite stock and click invest. It has very good ratings, in addition to being considered one of the most reliable Websites to which the Stock Market refers.

Earn Money Online By Mentioning Products
And Services

We can say that affiliate marketing is one of the most used ways to earn money online. It is not one of the best ways to get extra money by chance, because if you do it the right way, it can become a lucrative business. The idea behind affiliate Websites or platforms is that you sell products or services from other companies or brands, for which they pay you a commission.

Amazon Affiliates

Amazon Associates is one of the most popular programs for its effectiveness in creating links and earning profits through sales. Commissions range between 3% and 10%. With the affiliation, you provide the users of your website with the confidence and security that a well-known and prestigious brand such as Amazon provides. You can also take advantage of the different promotions, offers, and news to make your links more attractive.


MyLead stands out for having a very complete affiliate platform, as it offers tools for webmasters like Hiding link, Content Lockers, 24/7 support, and a lot of information (even mentoring for beginners). At its base, it has more than 3,000 global campaigns with around 16 different categories and 5 monetization models such as CPA, CPL, and CPS. On the other hand, this platform allows you to request the deposit of your earnings in your bank account or other online wallets once you have earned $20.


Awin is an expert affiliate marketing platform. Advertisers have very good technology and an expert team of account managers to match advertisers and agencies with their clients. Affiliates, help both large and small affiliates create profitable partnerships with the most popular brands through websites, blogs, and content. It is, therefore, a highly recommended option.

Conclusion: Earning Extra Money On The Internet Is Possible And Quite Easy

Getting money on the internet is easy, there is no doubt about that. Just by using a bit of picaresque and spending a few hours on it, you can earn a few euros a day. The most advantaged can get to get thousands, but to get to that point you need to make an effort and dedicate a lot of time and start creating an affiliate network.

If you have created an account on each of these Websites and platforms (which I recommend) you will be able to access extra money that you did not have programmed, with which you can give yourself some luxury or pay that bill that gives you so many headaches. I hope you liked my guide and that you recommend it to your friends and family.

Now is your turn! It has taken me a long time to do it, but it has been worth every minute that I have invested in looking for the best Websites that you get a few euros more. Help me by leaving a doubt or question in the comments.

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